Aqua: A short presentation of Artificially generated Images.

I'm sure there's a joke in there. (Machinima)


April 2020


March-April 2020Artists: Yoory Jung, Eric Leffler, Ben Gottlieb, May Roded, and Hamid Ra.Description: Online exhibition hosted by The Semiotic Medley. Created on Unreal Engine. Artists sent in images of their artwork from their studios. The artwork was then turned into assets within the game engine.


Live Stream, 2019Duration: 29:50Description: Part of global live stream of sunrises.

Silent Cartographer (Places I've never been)

Live Stream, 2019Duration: 13:04Description: Live streamed on Twitch. Exploring Google Earth and Google Studio by request of viewers.

Nostalgia of the Infinite

Found footage, animations on UE42019


2017Description: surreal auditory experience.