Roblox Development Assets

Who are you?

My name is RRRealm on Roblox, Add me and Follow me. Look me up in the Toolbox of Roblox Studio if you want to use my 3D models. I am a 3D Artist and do many digital things.

Why Roblox?

I use Roblox for a few reasons, ease of access being the main reason. You can quickly publish a game online/and share for free without server hosting. There is a streamlined system for adding 3D models.

What is this?

These are 3D models either made on Blender or TinkerCAD. They have been crafted to contain a low Polygon count. Some of these objects have Scripting worked into them. Some of them are Mods.

How do I download these?

First you must have Roblox Studio, and from there you may download them as .OBJ files or continue to use them within the Engine. Roblox Studio is a Free game development platform.

Epic Gaming Chair

You can sit in this fancy Light-up chair.

Tank (Static)

Just a Tank Model. Static: does not move. ERDL Camouflage as an added texture.

Hat Equip

This is a hat that instantly equips when you walk on it. As of now, you cannot un-equip it. This would be a nice Obby ending treat.