Yeltsin Penado

Professional Artist
Yeltsin Penado (b. 1990, Los Angeles, CA) Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA



B.F.A. in Fine Arts: Painting Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, 2018
  • Minor in Community Arts Engagement
  • Certified in Machine Woodworking
  • Licensed MovieStorm 3D Asset Publisher, 2020
  • IGETC-Transfer, Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA, 2015

Projects, Exhibitions, and Performances


Art In The Age of Video Games

What's My Thesis? Podcast
  • Javier Proenza

Future is Now
  • Ave 50 Studio


Where are the Painters?
  • :DDD Kunst House

Americana in the Park Concert Series (Santa Monica)
  • Community Artist in Residence - Appointed by ReDiscover Center

Artist Co-op Long Beach
  • MEGASTRUCTURES - Installation

Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA

Long Beach Creative Group


Our Troubles Are Over, Artist Co-op, Long Beach, CA
  • Group Exhibition: Yeltsin Penado, May Roded, Eric Leffler, and Juan Gomez

Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA
  • Latino Heritage Month

TSM x ODDI Skateboards (online)
  • Duo Show Featuring: Yeltsin Penado & May Roded

HomeElysian Valley Arts Collective
  • Poppies

Mona lisa Has no Eyebrows PODCAST
  • Guest speaker: Analyzing Jon Rafman's Work ~ 9eyes

Revil: 2021, Sound Camp, Long beach,CA
Show of Gratitude, Artist Co-op Long Beach
  • Curated by May Roded

RedArtBox Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  • Crystals, risograph
  • Crystals, Digital NFT

ShoutoutLA Interview:


  • Publication, October 1st 2020
Danger Z PVP
  • Beta on Roblox Studio
Either: TSM
  • Curator/Developer
Imaginar: Arroyo Arts Collective VR/3D group show
  • Amethyst
  • Fossil Falls
  • Rose Quartz
  • Sulfur
UTOPIA: 2020
  • Curator
Dystopian Utopia
  • Gaming Critic
Reveil: Long Beach, CA 2020
  • Audio/Visual Live Stream
7DRL 2020 Game Developer Jam
  • EARTH 2100 (HTML)
Founder of Reddit's only Natural Pigment Forum. 2020


Small Works Show, Flux Art Space, 2019
Long Beach Zine Fest 2019
  • Perfumeland, 2019, art publication and essays
 MegaZine Issue 4
  • Oceanic Defrag

-Reveil: Long Beach, CA, 2019List of Streamers: HereReveil Steams-International Dawn Chorus Day, Sound Camp, online (Based in London)24 Hour live stream broadcast
  • Global group Live Stream at sunrise and dawn.
  • Broadcasting with: Raspberry Pi B+ connected to webcam and Yeti Microphone.
 -VoyageLA Magazine Interview, (3/10/2019)


-Long Beach Zine Fest 2018 - Expo Arts Center, Long Beach, CA (9/14/18)
  • Rare Artists Pigments Zine
  • Shadow Games
  • And. (alternative natural dyes)
-"Like Assassins, Beautiful Loving Assassins" - El Clasificado, Beverly Hills, CA (8/5/18)
  • Insides (green and white)
-No Shade Under the Shadow of the Boss - Galef Fine Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA (5/7-5/12/2018)
  • Surface and space
  • Cochineal Brine
  • Insides


-Wilderness as Myth and Metaphor: The Autry Museum of The American West,Los Angeles, CA (12/5/2017-12/17/2017)-Buyer’s Remorse: Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA(11/28/17-12/15/17)
  • Seldom Wear These
  • Surface and Space
  • Mojave
  • Anti-Matters Catalogue
-Narrow Wave Lengths: Bolksy Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA (9/12/17-9/26/17)
  • Mothership
-Long Beach Zine Fest: Zine Medley Collective: Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA (8/2017)
  • Art Publications: DYE: Natural Pigments, Anti-Matters, This is not a tobacco pipe: The Semiotic Medley.
-Screening: Echo Park Film Center, Echo Park, California (5/7/2017)
  • Peak (video)
  • Self-Portrait (Video)
-CanCan International Exhibition: LemoArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany-(4/4-5/5/2017)
  • Peak (video)


-Land of Misfit Toys: C2E Villa, Woodland Hills, CA – (10/31/2016)
  • Alien Abduction Series
-Extramental Exposure: C2E Villa, Woodland Hills,CA-(5/21-5/28/2016)
  • Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo
-Surface:10125:Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA-(4/29/2016)Curated by Michael Schreir
  • Improvisations: A-I
  • Improvisations: J-R
-XXL–Nous Tous by Citizens of Culture, Los Angeles, CA-(3/12/2016)
  • Untitled (Indigo Dye on Linen)
-Galef 107-Galef 107, Los Angeles, CA-(3/5/2016)
  • The Colony
-Lost in Life -C2E Villa, Woodland Hills, CA-(2/26/2016)
  • Cave installation
  • Pink and Blue
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Untitled
-Tones Group Show – C2E Villa, Woodland Hills, CA-(8/15-8/16/2016)
  • Paintings from Life on Earth Series
  • Cyanotypes


-Moorpark Scholarship show – MC Gallery, Moorpark College, CA-(4/24-5/12/2015)
  • Paintings from Life on Earth Series
  • Sculptures from Life on Earth Series
-Merit Award-Life on Earth – Pink Flamingo Gallery, Moorpark College, CA-(3/9-3/23/15)
  • Life on Earth Series
-Super Rad Art showThe View, Moorpark College, CA-(5/6-5/18/2015)
  • Everest: oils and acrylic on canvas. 25×25
-Collegiate Student Art Competition – Buena Ventura Art Association’s 9th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Ventura, CA-(2/10-2/23/2015)
  • Sunset Blvd: Acrylic on Canvas. 24×36
  • Figure Sculpture: paper clay with iron oxide stain. 6×13
-Moorpark College Art Sale – Moorpark College, Moorpark, CA-(2014/2015)
  • Select Paintings and Life drawings


Caravansary Nights – The Other Door, North Hollywood, CA-(523/2014)
  • The Man on Dome: acrylic on canvas. 12×24
  • Man Symbol: acrylic on canvas. 12×12

Professional Development:

  • Arroyo Arts Collective: Mozilla Hubs
  • Josephine Press: Cyanotype Workshop
  • Digital Dragon: Roblox Game Development
  • Flux Art Space: Conversations About Abstraction
  • Flux Art Space: Local Color - Judi Pettite 
  • Digital Dragon: Technology Education
  • Flux Art Space: May Roded - Alternative Photography: Cyanotype
  • Collective Print Studio: May Roded - Cyanotype
  • Museum of Latin American Art: Gender in the Arts
  • Otis College of Art and Design: Portfolio Development and Professional Practices


2020Artist Talk - New Art City2018Otis College of Art and Design:
  • Natural Dye workshop for Painting Materials and Methods Class
Los Files Academy of the Arts:
  • Paper Weaving/Drawing lesson for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students
2017Otis College of Art and Design:
  • Seed Bomb workshop for Socially Engaged Art Class

Affiliations, Groups, Organizations, Collaborations and Support:

reDiscover Center DEIA Committee 2022-PresentArroyo Arts Collective Membership 2020-PresentThe Twilight Zine (Artist and Publishing Collective): 2019- PresentLos Angeles County Arts Commission: 2017- PresentArtist Coop Long Beach 2021-2022Arts Council for Long Beach: 2017- 2022Zine Medley: 2017-2018Easy Livin’ Art Collective: 2013-2018Los Angeles Fire Brigade (Flow Arts): Burning Man 2013-2015


  • Arma 3 Modding Award: Hidden Treasure
  • Latino Heritage Month - Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Featured/Promoted Media Creator: Galactic Contention
  • Latino Heritage Month - Department of Cultural Affairs
  • LACE/ Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts - Artist Grant Recipient
  • Imaginar Honoraria: Arroyo Arts Collective - Department of Cultural Affairs: Los Angeles
  • PlayerunknownBattlegrounds (PUBG) Testing, Santa Monica, CA
  • Otis College Fine Arts class Marshal
  • Academic Excellence Award: Fine Arts (Painting) /Honors Award
  • The Group Scholarship
  • The Group Scholarship
  • Dean’s List Otis College of Art and Design
  • Dean’s List Moorpark College
  • Moorpark Scholarship Show – Merit Award

Public Collections:

2019Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach, CA
  • Perfumeland
2018Google2017Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach, CA
  • Anti-Matters Zine
  • This is not a Tobacco Pipe

Interviews - Mentions - Cameos:

Artillery MagazineAG Games#가상공간 IF Hub Club: Earth 2100 (Bot)IgromaniaDegree CriticalImaginarVoyage LA InterviewUsing Color to open ConversationsArts Council of Long BeachSound Tent UK: ReveilLike Assassins, Beautiful Loving AssassinsThe ManagementCoach to EdifyMegazineTVThe Grunion: EYE ON ARTArtClout LBShuffle CollectiveOtis College of Art and DesignYeltsin Live Audio StreamBlurb UKoyunortagimecs

Writing - Publications:

  • E Waste Magazine